Impagination works to produce professional, high quality audio and visual content for our clients. We work closely with clients to produce content ready for easy online access and streaming


Audio content with podcasts is an important tool for providing information and accessibility for your website. Audio recordings of meetings, conferences, or important documents gives you more ways to allow information dissemination for your customers or clients.


Video is a powerful medium, and captures the attention of site visitors to your site in addition to  of text. News updates and major announcement carry a lot more weight when presented as a video, and give your site a professional edge. 

A new way of online learning

Impagination has worked closely with our clients to produce training videos as part of the clients eLearning systems. Providing effective online training is more than just having the content there. Unless it's presented in an engaging way, users will be reluctant to finish the course. We work with our clients to make the best videos for them and their needs.

Impagination recommends the use of both YouTube and Vimeo for our clients.

YouTube is the most popular and recognisable video sharing site, however Vimeo has more features that give the uploader greater control of their videos.

Vimeo allows users to replace a video but keep the same URL, statistics, as well as other features and settings. This means that if a video does need to be updated or replaced, any existing embed links will not be broken. The only change takes place on Vimeo, and all links to the video remain intact.

In addition, Vimeo allows password protection on their videos. Even if a video is unlisted on Vimeo, the video can only be accessed by people who have the password, allowing greater control of your content. With Vimeo Plus, you have even further control of the videos. Individual videos can only be embedded on specified domains.

Most importantly, Vimeo is less likely to be blocked by schools, hospitals or organisations.

However, there are still times that it would be better to upload videos to YouTube. They are owned by Google, and will be more likely to get highly ranked in search results. If you need information to be as widely available as possible, it would be best to upload it to your YouTube account. Though YouTube has fewer embed options than Vimeo, it is still easy to add it to your site.

YouTube vs Vimeo

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