Page optimisation: is there a Golden Rule for search?

high quality image for post will also assist in search positioningYes but there is no single rule to follow for optimising search position.

  • Include links
    There should be at least 3 links to other pages that are relevant to the topic search. See Short headlines increase engagement, SEO
  • There is at least one relevant high-quality image (suitable for Social Media scrape)
    add the focus keyword in its alt description. See First impressions are fast
  • Have a compelling meta description
    This will show in search results so has to make sense.

  • Check for ease of reading:
    Main points first then elaborate in body of page. Make the reader’s search for your article worthwhile and have them wanting to know more with short, sharp and clear points. See Learning is hard work
  • On a web page 50 words presents in the same way as 100 words on an A4 paper page:
    This means you do not have to create as much copy. What you do create must be succinct and straight to the point.

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